Foo Fighters – Walk | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve looped around to yet another Friday, so it’s time to rip through another song. And today we’re doing something a bit more on the popular side of things. Just a little tune by the name of Walk, by that rather well known group, Foo Fighters. I know, I know. It’s not some relatively obscure melodic death metal tune with blistering solos and interwoven melodies. Sometimes my hands need a break. Sue me.… Continue reading

Mastodon – Oblivion | GUITAR COVER

 Hey everyone! We’re here as always, hanging out in the studio with the weekend bearing down upon us once again. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit of a craving, a desire to mess around with some Drop-C riffage. So a few days ago we drop-tuned the Beast and almost immediately some fantastically heavy riffs began to pour out. At the same time I realized the door was now opened up to a plethora of… Continue reading

Children Of Bodom – Bed Of Razors | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out in the studio as always, whipping up some more covers and whatnot. Today we’ve got another Children Of Bodom tune to rip through, a little something called Bed Of Razors. Now I covered this song once years ago, way before the channel reboot. I actually took a peek at the original cover video the other day, just to kind of see how far things have come since then. And holy… Continue reading

Queens Of The Stone Age – Smooth Sailing | GUITAR COVER

 Hey everyone! We’ve made our way to the end of yet another week, so as always it’s time to rip through another cover. This time we’re doing something a little groovier than normal, a little song called Smooth Sailing by Queens Of The Stone Age. I thought it would be fun to do something a little different compared to our regular foray into metal. Even though it’s not a very difficult tune to play,… Continue reading

Death – The Philosopher | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out at Okzygen celebrating the anniversary of a fantastic Death album, Individual Thought Patterns! Released back on June 22, 1993, this album was the only one to unite both Gene Hoglan and Steve DiGiorgio for a rhythm section, a duo that quite frankly cannot be beaten. In fact I’m still blown away from their performance last month during the Death To All show. So in honour of this anniversary we’ll be… Continue reading

Wolfmother – Joker and The Thief | FULL COVER

 Hey everyone! We’ve managed to make our way through another week, so it’s time to rip through another tune! This time we’re ripping through the song Joker and The Thief, by that awesome band Wolfmother! Well, let’s be honest, Wolfmother is just Andrew Stockdale and friends. They’ve been on my radar since 2009 and their release Cosmic Egg, and they just satisfy a certain area of the brain. The tones are so freaking heavy,… Continue reading

Justin Strode – A Sky Eternal | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

 Hey everyone! I’m still a little sore from the Death To All concert last week, so we’re keeping things a little simpler this week. The show was bloody awesome, full of amazing people moshing and paying tribute to Chuck in the best of ways. Being able to gather in such a way to pay respects to an amazing musician who had passed so long ago, well before many of us had even discovered him,… Continue reading

Death – Scavenger Of Human Sorrow | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve wrapped around another week and ended up here on yet another Friday, but things are a little bit different today. It’s a bit related to today’s video actually, as later tonight I’ll be in the middle of a mosh pit thrashing around to Death To All, without a doubt the best Death tribute band around, as they rip through their album The Sound Of Perseverance in its entirety! So in honour of… Continue reading

Tool – The Grudge | GUITAR and BASS COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out at Okzygen on the start of another excellent weekend, and I had a bit of a craving for some Tool. It’s also been a bit since I’ve done something on the bass, so we’re gonna be pulling double duty with both guitar and bass parts. Today we’re ripping through The Grudge, the opening track from their album Lateralus. For many reasons I can’t do the drum parts in the studio… Continue reading

Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve got a bit of a longer cover tune for ya today, and something that was specially requested by my uncle a couple months ago, during what we will just say were absolutely terrible times. Quite frankly seeing this dude for the first time in years, even through the terrible circumstances, was quite the gift. Getting back to the music, he’s a big fan of this particular band, and it’s not like we’re… Continue reading