Death – Scavenger Of Human Sorrow | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve wrapped around another week and ended up here on yet another Friday, but things are a little bit different today. It’s a bit related to today’s video actually, as later tonight I’ll be in the middle of a mosh pit thrashing around to Death To All, without a doubt the best Death tribute band around, as they rip through their album The Sound Of Perseverance in its entirety! So in honour of this momentous night I decided to whip up a cover of the opening track, Scavenger Of Human Sorrow.

We’re once again wielding the BC Rich Beast as we rip through both guitar tracks, with Chuck Schuldiner’s solo on the left and Shannon Hamm’s on the right. This is another one of those situations where I’ve learned this song repeatedly over the years, including an incredibly terrible cover video on this channel way back in the day, some 15 years ago or so. There’s the odd flub here and there, but nothing too obscene (except maybe a slipped note in the second solo).

Sorry if my description is a little lacking today, I’m just a bit distracted by the goddamn DTA concert! It’ll be my second time watching Bobby Koelble, Steve DiGiorgio, and Gene Hoglan rip through some amazing Death tunes, with Max Phelps filling in for the role of Chuck. Gotta say, he does a pretty damn good job. If I’m feeling up to it I might try and record a bit of the shenanigans that happen tonight and do up a little Vlog thingy. We’ll see how the night goes, as I may have mentioned before I’m a little distracted because of the FUCKING SHOW LET’S GO!!!

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