Children Of Bodom – Bed Of Razors | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out in the studio as always, whipping up some more covers and whatnot. Today we’ve got another Children Of Bodom tune to rip through, a little something called Bed Of Razors. Now I covered this song once years ago, way before the channel reboot. I actually took a peek at the original cover video the other day, just to kind of see how far things have come since then. And holy crap did I ever used to suck at this “guitar” thing.

In all seriousness, things have come quite a long way since I started this channel well over 15 years ago. I used to just slap a camera in the corner of the room, plug straight into an amp, and try to record everything in the room through the shitty little built-in microphone on the camcorder. Nowadays, there’s a few extra steps to say the least.

As for todays video, we’re ripping through both guitar tracks, with Laiho’s parts on the left and Kuoppala’s on the right. As always there’s a couple of flubs throughout the track, but overall I’m rather pleased with how this one came out. There’s a couple odd notes during the lead parts, but aside from a very small riff mix-up during the second verse I’d say these are actually very solid takes. In fact I’m considering taking this song and doing up a little lesson video on how to play some of these riffs. Maybe break down the main melody and the solo, slow them down, pair them with some tabs, all that fun stuff. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see at some point, it’s something I’ve been considering for a while.

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