Queens Of The Stone Age – Smooth Sailing | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve made our way to the end of yet another week, so as always it’s time to rip through another cover. This time we’re doing something a little groovier than normal, a little song called Smooth Sailing by Queens Of The Stone Age. I thought it would be fun to do something a little different compared to our regular foray into metal.

Even though it’s not a very difficult tune to play, the differences between the left and right parts can be a bit of a mind bender to perform. I’ve also been enjoying some of these more experimental approaches to playing and using some more effects. Between this and the Wolfmother cover from a few weeks back, it’s been a lot of fun breaking out the octavizer and phaser on these last few tunes. Might try and incorporate them a bit more often, and possibly break out the old pedalboard sometime. I’ve been meaning to rebuild the thing and record the reconstruction process, but that will have to wait as I’ve been saving up for a more substantial kind of purchase.

On a different note, I’m gonna have a bunch of free time over the next couple of weeks. Long story short, the day job has come to an end and I’m weighing some different options in terms of what to do. I’ll likely be focusing a bit more on studio work if I can get the live room up and running, as I’ve been meaning to catch up on some unfinished projects with a few different people. I wish getting that room ready was as easy as getting in there and just clearing the place out, but it’s not exactly my stuff to move, to say the least. Regardless, there’s more time to be spent making videos so I’ll be punching out a bunch of them in the next few weeks as I deal with the other room. And once that’s been dealt with it’ll be time to bring in some clients and get back to what I love doing, making music with awesome people!

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