Megalomaniac was the first album created as part of the Record Production Month challenge, and the entirety of it was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the month of February 2018. The record features Rick Moore on bass guitar for “Ascending” and “Sky Charmer.” All recording, mixing, and mastering was done at my private recording studio, Okzygen Studios.

This record was done as an experiment and test of the current setup and technical abilities of myself and this studio, and after being able to release this piece I believe I will be able to confidently create and release more music on a regular basis. All the recording and mixing was done in the box save for Rick’s bass tracking, which was ran through an Alesis 3632 for some light taming. Slate Digital and Soundtoys were mostly used for the mix, with a few other secret tools tossed in. More about the technical stuff that went into this recording can be found at Okzygen Studios website here.

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