Justin Strode – A Sky Eternal | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone! I’m still a little sore from the Death To All concert last week, so we’re keeping things a little simpler this week. The show was bloody awesome, full of amazing people moshing and paying tribute to Chuck in the best of ways. Being able to gather in such a way to pay respects to an amazing musician who had passed so long ago, well before many of us had even discovered him, it’s a rather cathartic experience to say the least. I Didn’t have any time really to catch any worthwhile videos or document the trip (including the stupid shenanigans that we got into during the trip there and back), but regardless the adventure was well worth it!

As for today’s video, we’re ripping through one of the tracks from this years RPM skeletal release of Palanavra, a song called A Sky Eternal. This one winds things down a bit, with a slower pace and stripped down approach to the composition. It’s a bit of a slow burn, building intensity as things move on, eventually leading into some sizzling shredding, sweep-picking, tapping, and all of that fiery soloing stuff. I’m hoping to dive back into these tracks again sometime soon and work on a proper release. There’s been many ideas brewing in terms of lyrical content and additional instrumentation, but as things brew and ideas grow, the scope of the concept that lies behind the album keeps growing as well. Long story short, while the album itself will hopefully be finished and released soon(ish), this only marks the beginning of something much larger.

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PS. Apparently telling your website to schedule a post for a specific time and date means absolutely nothing, because this thing posted almost a full freaking week late. God damn this stupid bloody website of mine.

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