Wolfmother – Joker and The Thief | FULL COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve managed to make our way through another week, so it’s time to rip through another tune! This time we’re ripping through the song Joker and The Thief, by that awesome band Wolfmother! Well, let’s be honest, Wolfmother is just Andrew Stockdale and friends. They’ve been on my radar since 2009 and their release Cosmic Egg, and they just satisfy a certain area of the brain. The tones are so freaking heavy, the vocals and lyrics are what I’ll call “socially approachable” compared to my affinity for doom and death metal, and the music is also just pretty damn great. Not the most complicated of songs, but sometimes you just need something heavy and fun.

This was actually a fun video to rip through, especially the recording process itself. Spent a good chunk of time just practising and perfecting the instrumental bits, so most of those were done in a single take. The vocals, however, took quite a bit more work. Even after multiple takes, the best ones had to be tuned quite a bit. In fact if it wasn’t for certain tools like Melodyne and Slate Digital’s MetaTune, I straight up would have kept this an instrumental cover. Long story short, my singing sucks in real life, so don’t expect me to ever do this live. Ever.

The only things on this track I didn’t actually play live were the drums and those little organ/keyboard parts. Drums were programmed with Steven Slate’s SSD5, and the keys are generated by the ANA synth, another component of Slate Digital’s arsenal of tools. Other than that, everything here was recorded in the box at Okzygen. I’m thinking sometime down the line I may do another version of this tune, bring in an actual drummer and do a comparison between a mix done completely ITB and one featuring all live instruments, real amps, and maybe a singer that doesn’t suck.

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