Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve got a bit of a longer cover tune for ya today, and something that was specially requested by my uncle a couple months ago, during what we will just say were absolutely terrible times. Quite frankly seeing this dude for the first time in years, even through the terrible circumstances, was quite the gift. Getting back to the music, he’s a big fan of this particular band, and it’s not like we’re strangers to their music on this channel. And depending on how things go in the next couple months, I may be finally seeing these guys for the first in October. So without further ado, let’s rip through Fear Of The Dark, by Iron Maiden!

This was quite the fun song to learn and jam, as I’m partial to the longer tunes. It allows for a bit more freedom in movement and expression, building up aggression as the song plays through. The solos were mostly improvised this time around, taking inspiration from the first few bars of each solo and then just letting it rip! Might have been a flub note or two during some tapping passages (which we all know aren’t supposed to be there, but screw it I felt like tapping), but I’m pretty happy with this take otherwise.

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