Megadeth – The Scorpion | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! It’s Friday once again, so we’re hanging out at Okzygen whipping up another cover video. This week we’re dipping back into some more Megadeth and their tune The Scorpion, off their 2004 album The System Has Failed. I’ve got quite the fond spot for this album in particular, as it was my first real introduction into the band and some of the first music I started with on the guitar journey. I should probably get into some more of their albums, but let’s be completely honest, Dave’s singing sucks and sometimes it’s hard to get past that.

For this video we’re going back to the two guitar format, with most of the solos hanging out on the left but the main melody being tackled by the right hand guitar. A couple of the moments during the solos are a little dodgy (in particular switching over to the tapping pattern during the third solo, bit of a hiccup there), but I’m pretty happy with most of the work otherwise. That first solo is quite an interesting pattern to nail down during the second half, and some of the tabs I’ve looked at imply some very weird fingerings that don’t make any sense. Pretty sure my way is much easier than having to string skip and bar across 3 strings.

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