Dream Theater – Panic Attack | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re gonna be doing something a little more proggy for the video today, but wanted to do a cover for a band I haven’t touched on this channel yet. So today we’re gonna be ripping through the madness that is Panic Attack by Dream Theater!

I’ve always wanted to do a cover of something from John Petrucci, being the mad-lad shredder that he is. I remember discovering him through an old video of his show during the G3 concert in Japan back in 2005 or so. Actually that was my first introduction to Petrucci, Vai, and Satch all in one go. Needless to say, that disc was played into oblivion. One of these days I’m gonna give his tune Glasgow Kiss a go, but holy crap does it have some difficult moments. That one will definitely take some time to do right.

Now I’ll admit, I biffed a bit of the solo during that crazy 6-string sweep during the solo, but in my defence this guitar is only rocking 52 gauge strings at max, and I’m pretty sure this song is meant to be played on a baritone guitar as it’s tuned down a whole bloody 3 steps! The strings were just wobbling all over the place, and I’m pretty sure I accidentally bent the high-E right off the fretboard by accident during that sweep. Some day I might give this cover another go with a proper guitar setup and nail that sweep pattern.

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