Justin Strode – Sky Charmer | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone! We’re kicking it at Okzygen as always, in the midst of this years RPM Project. It’s still a bit early to tell how things are going, but songs are getting written, ideas are getting trashed, strings be vibrating (possibly in more dimensions than we can comprehend), and at the very least, noise is being created. Even though we’re elbow deep in the creation of this weird, thing, we can’t just not have a video. So today we’re ripping through one of my tunes from a previous RPM challenge, Sky Charmer!

Taken from the album Megalomaniac, this tune features features Rick Moore on the bass guitar. This dude always delivers a sick performance on the quad-stringed plank, with lots of dirt, chord play, and that fantastically deep, low, rumbly goodness. I’ve been lucky to have jammed with him for years now, and we’ve got many other projects together that’ll eventually see the light of day. Now for the actual track on hand, it’s a relatively mellow, funky jam compared to some of the other tunes on this album, with a slight dissolution into some more guitar driven, kind of Nine Inch Nails drone style playing. There’s definitely some Joe Satriani inspirations on this one, with lots of legato melodic leads to keep things upbeat and moving.

Perhaps next week I’ll be able to put together an actual update on how things are going with the RPM project we’re undertaking this year. Might even have a snippet of some new music to share, although it might not be what you expect. Until then remember to hit up the official YouTube Channel to keep updated on all the new things!

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