Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! I'm sitting here in the studio working through this years RPM project, when it occurred to me that there's some unused videos kicking around. And today of all days is a great day to drop this little Behemoth cover of Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel! For you see, today marks the 10th anniversary of their 2014 album The Satanist. This album took a bit to really digest, and I remember not being very impressed when it initially came out. I thought it lacked the extreme in-your-face attitude that albums like Demigod, The Apostasy and even Evangelion. But after a few listens the real character of the album came to light, a more morose tone and almost a sense of abandonment in the music. It's still heavy as all hell, but less of a "I'm gonna fuck you up" energy, more of a "now you've fucked up, look what you've done" kind of vibe. Yeah, that works.

Now, there's a reason I'm just throwing this video out there in the middle of the week, and that's because not many of you guys are actually gonna be able to see it. The reason being is that this video is currently banned in a whole bunch of countries, mostly due to copyright holders being, you know, stringent about stuff (that should fall under transformative use laws as long as I don't monetize the video. Which, no, I'm not gonna do that because I'm not a dumbass). But I'm sure the whole controversial, Satanic thing may play a role here. Funny enough, the videos are allowed in Poland, which is where Behemoth is from, which also seems to be the country that hates this band the most. All that being said, this is my damn website, not YouTube, so I'm uploading the video directly here in case the embedded video up there doesn't work. So just look a bit lower and you'll find the video, albeit with a weird-ass thumbnail because I can't figure out how to control that part yet.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in for this weird mid-week/weekend upload! Remember to hit up the official YouTube Channel to keep updated on all the new things we're cooking up in the studio. I'll see ya guys on Friday for our regularly scheduled video, we're gonna be ripping through some of the original music with Sky Charmer!

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