Visitors – New Song, New EP, New Band, etc.

Hey everyone, coming in with a new update since it’s been about 6 months since I’ve posted anything. To start things off right, I’m dropping a new song right now called Visitors!

This song comes off of an upcoming EP I started work in in September. This one in particular is very different compared to my other stuff, much more ambient and creepy. I’d like to get the EP out by the end of the year, but with everything else going on (which I’ll talk about briefly below), that seems kinda unlikely. Hopefully early 2019.

Now lately, I’ve been busy working on a number of projects. Peace Sand Rest have just recorded and released their debut album through Okzygen Studios and the new label Okzygen Records! You can check out their stuff over at the Okzygen Records site. It was a hell of an experience working with these guys, and I’m looking forward to working with them again! We also played their album release show back in October, which leads into my next bit of news.

I’ve been working with a new band the last few months, jamming some of my original tunes at a couple of shows the last month, and now we’re heading into the studio over the winter to record our debut EP as a band! We’re keeping the band name and other details under wraps until everything is good and ready, but expect some earth shaking funky doom metal in the near future!

On top of all that there’s always people flowing in and out of Okzygen Studios. Been working on a couple new albums with some friends of old and new, and with more albums on the horizon for release through Okzygen Records, it looks like 2019 is gonna be one hell of a year! Stay tuned, I’m gonna try and release something else before the year’s end!

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