Burn – A Somewhat New Album!

Typical me, always forgetting to update this site whenever I release something new! This years RPM Project has once again come and gone (Over three months ago, I know, I know) and I am proud to present you the newest release, Burn!

Burn is a nine track album composed, recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of February 2019 at my private studio, Okzygen Studios. With some guest appearances from friends old and new, this album touches on a number of styles, from melodic guitar-focus compositions in the style of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, devastating stoner rock cacophonies, and industrialized high-energy metal. And it’s available at all major online music sources, including Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

Much like last years project, the entire album was composed, recorded, mixed and mastered in 28 days as a personal challenge. This was also the first album that featured live drums on some of the tracks (“Facing Down The Storm”, “ReaniMechanism”), which were a lot of fun to collaborate on!

Take a listen to it now in the player below, and make sure to add it to your favorites list on whatever platforms you stream it on! And keep your eyes peeled for even more new music coming soon. Especially in August. Something like, say, August 16th. Hint Hint.


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