Megalomaniac – New Album March 2018

So It’s been a bit since my last post, and there have been some changes and events since then. Let’s start out with some new music first.

About a month ago I took up the Record Production Month challenge, where one is supposed to record and release an album in February. A few days ago I finished the project and released Megalomaniac! It was a fun little project and something that I feel a bit more confident in doing more often. Hopefully I’ll be releasing a few more of these quick produced albums in the coming months, and eventually get back in the habit of making regular posts and all that social media stuff. In the meantime, listen to the new album in full below!

I’ve also been busy building up Okzygen Studios, my own private recording studio here in Peterborough. Over the next little while there are gonna be some pretty dramatic changes to the space, which will hopefully provide a more efficient work environment for future musical endeavors. At the same time I’m hoping to introduce more services through the studios and a more professional and welcoming environment. Currently looking into creating a few EP’s through different names, and hopefully recording a few new artists and collaborating on some releases. I’ll also be looking into making physical copies of the new album in the near future, as well as a few other releases through Okzygen.

On top of this I’m also doing some slight redesigns to the website here, and will hopefully have this place a little more organized in the coming weeks. I’m working on getting more of my music up on various platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby and more, and hopefully have it all catalogued here in a much simpler setup. With some of the things I’m working on with the studio I’m hoping to have some kind of record label-ish thing running under the Okzygen name, a place where I can easily release my own productions, and where I can help other people record and self-release their music through various channels and give them a network of connections and resources to further their careers. All in due time.

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