Mastodon – Megalodon | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! Hope you’re ready to take to the seas in search of terrors, because today we’re ripping through Megalodon by Mastodon! Excited to finally do a cover of this tune after so long. Actually had to learn this song ages ago for an old band, but never got the chance to play it live. So here we go!

This song kind of has a weird way of being played. Kinda like how that previous sentence has a weird way of being structured. I don’t know how else to explain it, it’s just kind of unconventional. There’s a lot of open string use with hammer-on and pull-offs aplenty, a weird 8 second rockabilly solo, all sorts of string skipping, and then a bunch of alternating time signatures with a bunch of tremolo picking. Long story short, it’s fun as hell. Although I did screw up in the stupidest way possible right at the end, with just simple power chords. Oh well, everything else seemed pretty spot on.

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always remember to head over to the YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep updated on the new stuff!

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