Frank Zappa – Watermelon In Easter Hay | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Utility Muffin Research Kitc– wait. No, that’s the wrong place. Let’s try that again.

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Okzygen Studios, where we’re embarking on another journey through time as we embrace the wild madness of one Frank Zappa! Today we’re ripping through one of his signature tracks, Watermelon In Easter Hay, taken off the absolutely fantastic album Joe’s Garage. If you haven’t listen to this album yet, and aren’t easily offended by absurdities such as sexy toasters, the meaning of life, and daydreaming through parking lot loading zones (It’s a weird album, I know), then go do it now! It’s a fantastic delve into the obsession of big government’s control of a homogenized culture brought together by the perpetual criminalization of everyday activities, including music. Because as we all know, “music can get you pretty fucked up.”

Now about the video, it’s more of an interpretation than a note-for-note cover, because what the hell is the point of doing a note-for-note cover of a freaking jazz solo? The main components are there, the main melody and the modulation of said melody, and a couple other pieces here and there to pay homage to the track, but most of the solo is completely improvised. So there’s the odd flub here and there, but good luck picking them out!

Also managed to get the camera’s looking a bit better, dealing with the auto focus on the long shot, and managed to get the bloody sweet spot with the focus on the close angle. Tried to do an auto focus for said close angle, but for some reason when doing the first take of the song, it did the exact opposite thing and made sure EVERYTHING was freaking blurry. Thanks, Nikon, I guess. Either way, we did the thing, and it looks better than normal.

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always remember to hit up the YouTube Channel and give it a sub to keep updated on all the new videos! Oh, and also pay no attention to the terrible tan lines on the arm. Forgot to slap the arm band on before shooting, and I was not gonna get a better take than this one. Enjoy!

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