Death – Bite The Pain | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re gonna go back to some metal today, with a bit of Death and their song Bite The Pain. Always a good day when you get to play some Death. Although this was not actually the plan for the video today. There was actually a whole other video all recorded and edited and ready to go, until YouTube informed me that because of the music I decided to cover the video was gonna be banned in, let’s say, all countries. All of them. Except for like, maybe 4. So to whoever owns the copyright to the Behemoth catalogue, I sincerely ask, what the hell?

Anyways, since this video was done kind of in a last minute panic you might notice things are a little blurry. Guess I didn’t spend enough time making sure I was standing in the sweet spot, and I think from here on I’m gonna be relying on the auto-focus setting. As long as I can make sure it maintains a pretty steady and shallow depth of field. Especially while moving around on a rail.

Hope you dig on the video, and as always make sure to check the YouTube Channel and subscribe to stay updated on the new stuff!

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