Turisas – Rasputin | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! Do you like disco? Because we’re doing a weird spin on a disco classic today, with the Turisas version of Rasputin! That’s right, vikings playing metal disco. Just, don’t worry about it, it’s great. Trust me.

Now I’ve done a bit more with this cover than just what the guitars are playing in the original recording. Decided to also play some of the violin pieces, added an octave or two to the main melodies, and doubled the vocals during the chorus as well. Actually tried to add some harmonies to the main riff too, but things just got kinda weird and alien sounding, kind of takes away from the actual song in a bit.

I may have also debated doing some of the viking face paint and all that as well, but my word. What a mess that would be just for one video. That being said, I might be eyeing up some Dimmu Borgir covers in a few weeks. I dunno, corpse paint might make an appearance some day on this channel.

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always head over to the YouTube channel to subscribe and keep updated on the new stuff there!

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