Tool – Pneuma | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! It’s another Friday, so it’s video time. This week we’ve got another Tool cover with one of their newer tunes, Pneuma. Another long, proggy tune full of intricate time signature changes, mind bending riffs, all that good stuff we love here. It also clocks in about 12 minutes long, so hope you guys are comfortable.

To be honest, there’s a few more flubs in this take than I normally like, but with such a long song, having to do it all in one pass can be a little tough. I might revisit this song again later down the road, but time was running short, and even as I type this now I have like 6 minutes until I need to head out the door.

Hope you enjoy the video, and the sneaky little synth solo that comes with it! And if you do, head over to the YouTube channel to check out more things!

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