Primus – Lacquer Head | BASS COVER

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are ready for something a little different today. As you can see, I’m using this really weird guitar for this video. It’s missing two strings, it’s bloody huge and heavy, and for some reason you play it without a pick.

It’s a bass. But we’re doing Lacquer Head by Primus, so of course we’re doing it on the bass! I actually started out on bass way back before picking up the six-stringed beast that is the guitar, and this song was always one I just couldn’t wrap my head around. 15 years later, I figured it would be a good time to give it another go. And not gonna lie, that cursed 4 second bass solo took about 4 days to get right. One second a day. Not the fastest I’ve learned a solo to say the least.

This video also marks 20 uploads in a row! Honestly surprised I’ve managed to keep the regular weekly uploads going for so long, and I kinda wanted to celebrate that achievement a bit, so I threw on a dapper suit combo for this video. Also for whatever reason, playing bass just feels so much more fun when you do it in a suit.

Hope you dig todays video, and remember to check out the YouTube Channel to keep updated with all the new stuff.

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