Justin Strode – Victims of Infinity | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone! If you’re here, then you probably know what day it is and what to expect. The weekend is upon us, and it’s time for another video. Although this time we’re doing a couple different things. First off, we’re going back to some original music, with Victims of Infinity, off the 2020 album of the same name. Secondly, we’ve added another camera! Well, phone. Phone camera. Broken phone camera that has no working USB port and needs some of the most annoying technical workarounds to function. But a third camera nonetheless! And one that does 4K, so more moving pictures of moving pictures!

You might also have noticed by now, this video is pretty freaking long. The song itself is almost 11 minutes, and getting this video done in a single take may have taken about 4 days of work. By the time the solo comes up, I’m a little on the tired side and struggling to keep up with the rhythms, so there’s a couple moments of drift and oddities. Overall though I’m pretty happy with this take, but might revisit the song sometime with a better solo and couple other gimmicks. Perhaps for an online gig/show thingy? I dunno, gotta figure out a few things before anything like that arises, but it would be nice at some point.

Anyways, I’ve fallen a bit behind of these videos, so not much time to ruminate on these potentials. If you dig this video remember to like and subscribe to the YouTube Channel to keep updated on more videos. I’m off to work on the next one!

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