Necrophagist – Mutilate The Stillborn | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone, I hope you’re ready for some brutally heavy metal today, because we’re turning the aggression dial up all the way up! As you may have noticed, that song title up there’s been a little bit censored. I mean, it’s not like it’s tough to figure out what it says, but I wanted to give people the chance to like, not click on it if it’s gonna offend their senses. But I’m pretty sure I’ve passed seventy-five words in this description and can say the whole title now, so today we’re playing Mutilate The Stillborn by Necrophagist!

I did this cover once before years ago (on this channel in a video you’ll likely never see) with really shitty audio quality, and figured it would be a good one to do again. Also for those who don’t know, Necrophagist is stupidly technically challenging, especially this song. There’s so much god damn sweep picking, and it’s mostly on the middle strings, which is just bloody weird to get used to. That being said, it’s a fun song to play, with all sorts of spider crawls up and down the neck, the aforementioned sweeping, and that crazy melodic short solo shred thingy that pops up a couples times.

If you dig this video, then remember to check out the YouTube channel to catch up on all the new videos! That’s all for now, see ya next week!

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