In Flames – Artifacts Of The Black Rain | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re back at Okzygen with our weekly video, this time doing some old school melodic death metal. This band was the one that introduced me to the more melodic sides of metal, back when I was still actually taking lessons on guitar and bass. Today, we’re ripping through Artifacts Of The Black Rain by In Flames. Now, the band has definitely changed their sound through the years (and their lineup, considering there are no more original members of the band left,) but their early stuff holds a special place in my world. It’s heavy, fast, and crushing, yet still maintains a sense of wonderment with its melodies and harmonies.

Speaking of harmonies, this was originally planned as a two take song, and I was actually planning on asking someone else to join me on this video, but due to time constraints (maintaining a regular upload schedule is hard) and some life events that kinda take priority, I never got around to asking the person. So maybe in the future you’ll see a guest or two on the channel, but for now you’re gonna have to deal with just me doing the leads. Let’s be honest though, the lead parts are what most people wanna see anyways.

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always remember to hit up the YouTube channel to keep updated with all the new stuff!

PS: I’ve been screwing around with the thumbnails a bit lately, trying to make things a bit easier to discern by adding the album art in the background. Is it helping? Does it look like crap? Let me know below, because figuring out how to organize and let people pick the videos with ease through the website has been a god damn nightmare.

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