Justin Strode – Run With It | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone! We’re back again for our Friday videos, and this time we’re doing an original tune. Run With It was (and I guess still is) a Bandcamp exclusive song I released back in 2017. It was somewhat inspired by the style of John Petrucci, even though the actual music takes more after Nine Inch Nails in terms of structure and tone. It’s got a bit of a slow burn vibe to it as after the first “chorus” happens, instruments and sounds begin to layer up as the song progresses to create a wall of sound.

I’m gonna get a bit nerdy with the musical stuff here, so hang on. The song is mostly inspired by the Phrygian mode, that somewhat Egyptian vibe with a diminished 2nd and augmented 3rd on what would otherwise be your standard minor scale. That being said, there are times that the mode structure is abandoned during the jazz inspired solo bits. Mostly jazz inspired I should say, it’s honestly more accurate to say Frank Zappa inspired. I’ve been listening to Joe’s Garage a lot the last few weeks, and the solos on that album are just so fun. Something about abandoning structured timing on the guitar is just so enjoyable.

Anyways, I hope you dig this tune, and as always hit up the YouTube Channel to keep updated on all the new video stuff!

Oh, and you can check out the original version of this song over at the Bandcamp page!

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