Death – Empty Words | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out once again at Okzygen, planning out the next few months of videos and various studio activities. Been plotting away at some redesigns for the live room, different covers to tackle, originals to write and do videos for, doing all that jazz when it occurred to me that I have yet to do a Death cover this year. So today we’re gonna be ripping through one of my favourite tunes off their Symbolic album, Empty Words!

This time around we’re doing both guitar tracks, with most of the lead stuff happening on the left side, with a bit of harmony work on the right. Been trying to subtly shift things over to the centre during the actual solos, with a combination of automated panning and sending the solo to a stereo shifter plugin (Soundtoys MicroShift to be precise) while blending the two signals to taste. I’ve considered recording some of the lead stuff independently from all the rhythms, but it just doesn’t seem right. I’m more compelled to do full uninterrupted takes from both a playing and an engineering side. It’s nice being able to play through an entire song in one sitting of course, and sometimes you just catch a certain vibe while jamming through the whole thing that can’t be replicated by piecemeal recordings. Also the less work I have to do in the video editing realm of things, the better.

Hopefully we’ll be expanding back into the live room very soon, just need to order a few more things and make some modifications to accommodate a new arrangement. Got some more wall panels to put up, walls to paint, carpets to swap, and eventually a pedalboard to rebuild as well. Looking forward to piecing that thing together again and bringing it into the video realm as well. As nice as it is to have full control over the amps and effects with the awesome TH-U amp sim, it’s hard to beat the feel of the real thing in real time. Also, feedback.

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