Mastodon – Blood and Thunder | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out in the studio as always, working away at a number of projects between re-configuring the live room and planning videos for the next few months. I figured it’s been a while since we last did something by Mastodon, so let’s jump back into their album Leviathan and jam through the opening track, Blood and Thunder!

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this video. Just some good old fashioned metal from start to finish. We’re rocking two guitar tracks this time around for the wide stereo effect, with a bit of an octavizer effect on one of the lead passages to fill in some space. Pretty sure that’s what’s going on in the original recordings as well.

As for other news, work on the live room has been slower than expected, but I’m hoping to have most of the room cleared out in the next couple of weeks before we start up redesigning the layout of the space. The plan is to have a setup that allows all the instruments to be set up (microphones and all), while still allowing room for the cameras to move around freely when needed. It’ll be nice to get some actual drums into some of the upcoming videos, as well as some other performers in general. Here’s hoping things will be up and running by the start of the summer!

As always, if ya dig what you see then head on over to the official YouTube channel and subscribe to keep up to date with all the new things!

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