Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hump De Bump | BASS COVER

Hey everyone! As always we’re hanging out at Okzygen, and today I was feeling a little bit like playing something on the funkier side of things. I’ve been needing some of those more uplifting vibes as of late, after dealing with a whole bunch of not very fun stuff at all. So today we’re slapping our way through some Red Hot Chili Peppers with their song Hump De Bump! This song goes through a number of different techniques; slapping, popping, natural harmonics (well, not actually but I threw some in there because why the hell not), but if there’s one thing that stood out while doing this cover, it was how good this song is at hurting my hands.

I added a bit of a bass solo during the drum solo, because I didn’t wanna just stand around like a damn fool during a good 20 seconds of the video. Other than that and the odd fill here and there I did my best to keep up with the insanity that is Flea, but one can only do so much. I think I may need a bit of work on the bass tones at some point, but hopefully we’re gonna be utilizing some actual amps in the near future, and I might actually do a tone shootout video someday soon. It’s also just so damn fun to slap a real microphone in front of a sound source and just experiment with the room.

I think we might be deviating away from the constant stream of standard cover/playthrough videos soon and messing around with some new ideas. Doing that full cover of Nine Inch Nail’s The Becoming a few weeks ago was rather fun (outside of tuning the crap out of my vocals), and we’re gonna be gaining access to the whole studio very soon (including drums!), so expect some more full instrumental stuff soon. Also got some stuff in the works featuring a local guitar luthier and their creations, so that’s also gonna be fun. Just give me a few weeks to get everything together.

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