Lamb Of God – Insurrection | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone. I’m gonna keep this short today. Like straight up copy and paste most of the text from the YouTube description kind of short. Been dealing with some personal stuff. If you know, you know. We’re ripping through another Lamb Of God cover today, this time it’s Insurrection off their 2012 album Resolution. I have to say, out of all the albums that I’ve given the chance to listen to, this one has quite possibly the best snare drum sound I’ve ever heard. So snappy and tight. Little weird to praise the snare since this is in no way a drum focused channel. But seriously. Amazing snare drum tone.

I’m also going to apologize right now, the close-up angle of the lead guitars simply refused to focus during the take, and after dealing with those aforementioned personal things, I had absolutely no desire nor the time to redo the take. One day I may revisit this song and do another video that’s actually in focus, but for now, this is what you’re getting.

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Oh, and a heads up, next weeks video was recorded a couple months in advance (lucky, considering the shitstorm that life can be sometimes.) Just be prepared for some beard continuity issues the next couple of videos.


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