Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out in the studio again, and today we’re celebrating the anniversary of a rather special album. It’s been 42 years since The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden was  released upon this world, and quite frankly that number seems surreal. To think that this record is ten years older than myself just seems absurd. This album in particular holds a rather special place here, as it was my first real introduction in the world of metal. Hearing the soaring vocals of Bruce, the consistent galloping of Harris on the bass, the duelling guitars of Murray and Smith, and the rhythmic beatings of Burr on the drums, definitely left a special kind of imprint back in the day. Especially with today’s song, Run To The Hills. I remember listening to this thing on repeat back in the early 2000’s.

The solo is a bit of a mashup of the original and some sweeping/legato runs made up during a practice run of the tune. And annoyingly the auto focus on the cameras decided to screw with me a couple of times during filming. I’ve tried alternating between the auto-focus and manually setting it, but there’s difficulties either way. One day I might upgrade some devices in here to some proper cameras, not just repurposed phones. Now to be honest, I recorded this video back in January during that little break from things, so things look a bit different. There is some definite inconsistencies in the beard area.

I think it might be safe to say there’s gonna be a few more Iron Maiden covers over the next few months. There’s just something so fun about playing these tunes. As always, if ya dig the video, then head over to the YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep updated on all the new things!

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