Vicarious – Tool | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks in the studio trying to wrap up the recording for this years RPM Project. Currently there’s 7 songs almost fully recorded, with just a couple little extra bits to add before we get to the mixing stage. That being said, I’ve been craving another Tool cover lately, and I figured it would be a good reason to take a short break from all the RPM stuff to come back with a clear mind. So today we’re ripping through their tune Vicarious, off the absolutely fantastic album 10 000 Days!

I’ve said it before: Tool songs are deceiving, seeming pretty simple from the outside but increasingly complicated the further you dive in. This applies to both listening and learning to play, as while the riffs themselves aren’t the most complicated, the magic lies in the sense of timing and coordination between all the moving parts. Now this is another one of those songs I’ve learned previously, but it’s still surprising how difficult it can be to really nail down the rhythms. Especially under the cacophony of drums that is Danny Carey.

I’m keeping this post short today, as there’s many things to do still to complete this upcoming album in time for next month. As always, if ya dig the video then head over to the YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep updated on all new things! For now, it’s back to working on the RPM Project. Just a few more things to go…

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