Justin Strode – We Take The Grave | ANIMATED VIDEO

Hey everyone! We’re almost out of time for this years Record Production Month Challenge, so things are getting a little hectic here. While dealing with the chaos, I wanted to at least mark the occasion with a bit of a throwback to the first RPM project we completed. Way back in 2018, someone who goes by the name Drain Hope approached me about making an animated music video for one of my tunes. We settled on We Take The Grave, and even though I didn’t have much to give the dude in terms of visual materials or even lyrics, they went on their way to begin their craft. Couple of months later we had this psychedelic beauty of a video. If you’re looking for some kind of animated lyric video for your stuff, I’d definitely recommend this guy. You can check out his YouTube channel at this fancy little link right here.

I’m gonna keep this post short, as there’s only two days left until I have to release something resembling an album. Fridays video might even be one of these new tunes if things go as planned! In the meantime, remember to hit up the official YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep updated on all the new things!

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