Lamb Of God – Beating On Death’s Door | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a bit since we’ve done a Lamb Of God cover, so I figured it was time to bring out another one of their tunes. This time we’re ripping through Beating On Death’s Door, and it’s kind of a funny/stupid reason why. Of course the song itself is bloody fantastic, written by Adler instead of Morton so it’s got more proggy elements to it, and that main riff is such a beast when played at speed. But as for why I picked this song, I may or may not be obsessed with a little game called Death’s Door on the PS4 for the last week or so. Yes indeed, I am one of them gamer types. It’s a neat game, top down isometric that combines the visuals of Legend of Zelda with the combat of Bloodborne/Dark Souls games. And of course while playing this game, the brain made some weird connections and somehow we ended up here, making a new cover video.

Now I’ve toyed with this tune a few times over the years, but sitting down and learning that main riff made me realize I had no bloody idea what I was doing way back then. It’s a weird combination of off-beat pinch harmonics, alternate picking, and oddly placed pull-offs. Definitely a fun riff once you’ve got it, but god damn does it take a while to nail down. It’s also a ridiculously fast song, and getting everything tight took forever.

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And seriously, if you enjoy Zelda style games but want something quick with a bit more challenge, check out Death’s Door.

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