Children Of Bodom – Silent Night, Bodom Night | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! Hope you’re ready for just a flurry of notes today, because we’re ripping through some classic Children Of Bodom with their tune Silent Night, Bodom Night. This weeks choice may have been influenced by the release of their final live album of their final live show that came out the last couple of weeks, and if you haven’t listened to it yet I would highly recommend it. I haven’t been able to listen to the whole thing yet, but it sounds fantastic, especially for a live album. And even though the song we’re ripping through today isn’t on that album, it seemed a fitting choice for the time of year. Something about holidays, end of year celebrations, stuff like that. And something about the colours red and green.

Now this video’s just a single guitar play-through, but I’ll be honest: there’s not exactly much left to do once all the leads are put into one take. That, and I was running out of time while filming. It’s a busy time of year and this is a complicated song to learn in like, two days. So no rhythm track for you today. Maybe next time. And other than the odd slip here and there though I’m pretty happy with this take.

I’m still working out some of the kinks in the filming department, although this motorized rail system thing has been fun as hell to use. I might change up what cameras are where, move the DSLR to the motorized rig if I can either craft a decent depth of field that compensates for the movement, or figure out the damn auto-focus on this thing. Not sure if it’s even capable of real automatic focus while filming, so that might hamper things a bit. At this point I’m getting better footage out of repurposed smart phones in the studio, so I might end up just swapping out the DSLR for another phone instead.

Anyways, If ya dig the video then head over to the YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep updated on all the new things!

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