Death – Flesh And The Power It Holds | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’ve made it to the end of 2023 relatively unscathed, and to celebrate we’re gonna be ripping through another Death cover! This time it’s the song Flesh And The Power It Holds, off their final album The Sound Of Perseverance. Now, this video was a little rushed this week so we’re focusing on a single guitar play-through for this video. Blame the holidays and the day job. And because this is a single guitar video, you might notice a bit of the original guitar track filling in the mix a bit. Mostly I didn’t want to sacrifice the harmonies of the second guitar, but the AI engine I use to separate the guitars from the original records was also acting a little weird. Long story short, the solo section with the AI processing sounds like it’s coming through a wind tunnel. So we left a bit of the original guitars in.

You may also notice some of the cameras have been swapped around. I’ve moved the DSLR to the motorized rail system and moved the repurposed phone camera to the close up angle. This way I’m able to use the higher resolution of the phones cameras and zoom in more without losing detail, while keeping the crisp footage of the DSLR interesting by making it move around. One of these days I’d like to get a proper DSLR capable of 4K and HDMI direct recording, then maybe a video capture card to really speed up productions. Then we can think about things like live-streaming and the like.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around for this year, it’s been a hell of a time working on these tunes! Gonna be taking a bit of a break for a couple weeks, then we’re gonna get things rolling again with more covers, new original tunes, some behind-the-scenes goodies, and more. Plus that death chip is still sitting on that shelf there, I think we’ll be digging into that thing soon. Remember to hit up the official YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep updated on the return next year. Until next time!

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