Palanavra – Record Production Month 2024

Hey everyone! After a brief hibernation to recharge the batteries, we’re coming back swinging with new videos on the YouTube channel starting tomorrow. And I’m bringing something else to the fold to help start out the new year. I know it’s been a few years since we’ve done this, but I’ve decided it’s time to give it another go. That’s right, we’re doing the Record Production Month challenge again!

Last time I tried this was back in 2021, and sadly the project never came to completion. I bit off a bit more than I could chew, and the project kept growing in scope until it became apparent just how much effort would be needed to bring that set of songs to fruition. Long story short, it would have been a lot. More than what I could do in 28 days at least. Those songs still exist and are worked on occasionally, but for the time being that project is for another day. This year however, we’re gonna be approaching things differently.

To start things off, a name has already been selected: Palanavra. I have some basic concepts and ideas that tie with some other things I’ve been developing/experiencing outside of music, the particulars of which are still revealing themselves. In terms of the music itself I’ll be drawing from the last couple of RPM attempts as well as coming up with some new tunes with multi-instrumental performances using the dual KORG Drumlogue and Monologue setup here in the studio. I’ll also be dipping into more weird sonic experiments, maybe mess around with the juxtaposition between minimalism and chaos. Make the most amount of noise with the fewest moves possible. Don’t be worried, the guitar will still be taking centre stage on the album, and we’ll still have some of that six-stringed shrednanigans going on.

During the writing and recording of Palanavra, I’ll also be documenting the process and perhaps providing a weekly or bi-weekly update video on the YouTube channel. Part of this “hibernation” period may have been spent prepping other videos to make this RPM month a rather painless and seamless experience. So even if things get too chaotic and documenting falls to the waysides, there will be no shortage of new videos. That extra day provided by the leap year also doesn’t hurt the whole situation.

I’m also hoping to take some time and create a proper album cover for this thing. As you can probably see, there’s a rough concept drawing of, something, just off to the side. One of those things that came to me in a dream, as cliched as it sounds. It kind of ties into the general themes and ideas I mentioned above that simply can’t be put into words yet. The best I can do is say that this location is not real, but at the same time is a physical manifestation of information and human consciousness. It exists within all of us, yet encompasses the entirety of the known universe. The birthplace of eternity, where dreams come to die. So making this vague concept come to life may be a challenge, but we’re gonna give it a go, and try to make another little video about building this nonexistent world.

By this time next month there will be some kind of release of Palanavra, although it will likely only be in its demo form. After the 1st, I’ll be taking the skeletal creations and polishing them, with possibly a couple re-recordings, more in-depth mixing, and a proper mastering job to round things off. The skeleton mix will be available exclusively through Bandcamp on March 1st, while the fleshed out final product will be released later on.

I’m gonna wrap up this wall of text now, as the clock is already running! I’ll see ya tomorrow with the return of the weekly YouTube uploads, but for now it’s time to start writing!

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