Death – Spirit Crusher | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re hanging out at Okzygen Studios again, doing some more metal covers. This time we’re ripping through another Death song that someone requested over at the YouTube channel, a little tune known as Spirit Crusher. Now this is a song I’ve known for a very long time, actually probably as long as I’ve had the Beast now that I think of it. So doing this video was just an inevitability. And this time I’ve managed to not break a string while tracking, so we’ve got both guitar tracks done!

You might notice there’s a bit more close-up action in this video, and some angles look a little odd. And I don’t mean camera angles, I mean things that should be on a 90 degree angle just, simply, aren’t (Looking at you, background picture frame thingy.) That’s 100% on me, I’ve just been slapping the far-shot camera up with auto focus and hitting record without making sure everything’s in frame properly. I’m really not sure how it could have been bungled so hard that corners bend in the light, but whatever. I’ll be making sure the angles are better and everything’s in frame from here on out. Maybe.

If ya make it to the end you’ll also notice an actual end card instead of my name creeping out of the abyss in such ominous form. Just a small detail thing, but gonna be making a few more of them along with the atmospheric soundscape things that accompany them. I might end up making a bunch of those short (and a few not so short) ambient synthscapes down the line, and possibly revive a long dead project to release them under. Hopefully I can keep that ball rolling and release some ambient music, but there’s a few other projects and albums that need wrapping first. I’m not gonna lie, there’s something like 4 or 5 albums worth of stuff kicking around that I need to just finish and release. Couple solo albums, one with the band I’ve been working with for a few years, and another EP or two of various jams with cool people. Might have to hunker down for a few weeks this winter and just push everything through.

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always remember to head over to the YouTube channel and subscribe to keep updated with all the new things!

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