Hey there you wonderful people, we’re back in the studio whipping up another cover today! And this time we’re taking on a tune from a classic Canadian band, Rush. That’s right, we’re doing up a cover of YYZ! Seems like this was inevitable in a way, being a fellow Canadian doing the metally, proggy stuff that I do here.

Now believe it or not, it wasn’t actually the titular band that got me in the mood for a cover of theirs, but actually the Death tribute band Death To All. My buddy/drummer Cameron and I went to their Toronto stop, and in between the constant annihilation of Death tunes, they freaking slapped out a cover of this fantastic Rush song! Rather unexpected, but very much welcome, and pretty much since then there’s been that inescapable ear-worm embedding itself further and further inside the mind.

Sadly I never really got into this band until after the death of Neil Peart (a nasty habit I have for some reason, waiting until the band ceases to be before really enjoying their stuff), and I’m a little upset that I’ll never get to revel in the glory that would be a live show from them, but regardless they are a fantastic unit. And if for some reason you haven’t dove into their catalogue, freaking do it. I’ve been slowly chipping away at their music the last few months, and aside from that one weird 80’s synth-pop kind of album they did, I’m not finding much to complain about.

As for today’s video, there’s not much to say about it really. The solo’s a bit of a blend of original stuff and improvised, with the first bit being pretty true to form, then breaking into a bit more of the improv, shreddy, jazzy bits, with a touch of of extra wankery when the synths kick in. Overall the song is fun to play, but very easy to get lost in, and the timing during the intro is rather difficult to nail. Pretty sure the only reason I was able to land it was due to watching the waveforms move around on the screen. Visual cues are brilliant things.

Anyways, as always I hope you dig today’s video, and if ya did then remember to head over to the YouTube channel and subscribe, keep up to date on all the new things, all that typical end-of-post jargon.

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