Megadeth – Kick The Chair | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re back at Okzygen Studios again, getting into some metal vibes for this weeks video. Today we’re ripping through the Megadeth song Kick The Chair, off their 2004 album The System Has Failed. Now unlike a good chunk of people, I never got into that whole Metallica versus Megadeth, commercial-friendly thrash thingy. Not to say their music didn’t have any influences, but it was never something I actively sought out to listen to. It was metal, and metal was by definition, good. But you know how it is, you discover Slayer, and suddenly the only way through this rabbit hole is down, and things only get more brutal the further you fall.

However, if I were to lean towards one or the other, it would have to be Megadeth. Mostly because of the challenge of playing that bloody absurd solo, and that’s just what I enjoy about their music over Metallica. It’s feels more challenging, both in playability and listenability. I tend to enjoy the effort it takes to really listen to something difficult, whether from a technical performance standpoint or by way of sheer dissonance. And it’s not something you often get out of any genre outside of metal anymore. Let alone the idea of listening to an entire album in a sitting. Stupid instant-gratification obsessed society.

Before I get too deep into that train of thought, let’s get back into the video here. The song is chock full of fast paced riffing, chromatic runs, and some of the most absurd finger stretching in a solo I’ve ever encountered. Part of me want’s to believe that I’m just playing the song in the most difficult of ways, but I’m pretty sure that’s just how it’s supposed to be. And the length of the stretches aren’t that bad on their own. It’s the speed of them that will get ya.

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