Justin Strode – House on the Horizon | GUITAR, BASS, and SYNTH

Hey everyone! We’re once again back at Okzygen studios working on some stuff. This time around we’re revisiting an older tune of mine from 12 years back, a little tune called House On The Horizon. The first version was a rather laid back, stripped composition with only a couple of clean guitars and a basic drum beat. It was a rather relaxing, melancholic song back then, and was actually one of my most played ones back in the day. This time around however, well, we go a little nuts.

As you can tell by the beard, the bass was tracked first in a solid take, followed by the guitars and then the synth, with the drums being written to the song during the recording process. This is one of my favourite ways to compose and record music; start out on bass with a basic idea of song structure (adding some groove and fills here and there), move onto a basic drum skeleton to add motion and energy, then fill in the melody and rhythm with guitars and other accent instruments while building up the rest of the composition. Some day soon I’ll be doing a more thorough video on creating like this, and maybe use this damn KORG Drumlogue that’s been sitting on my desk for a few months now.

This is the second song in a couple months that I’ve brought back from the dead, and I’m starting to like the idea of revisiting my first two “albums” and either re-recording a selection of songs, or maybe just doing the whole things over again and modernize them. A few of those old tunes from The Right Questions and Transcending Memories still sound pretty decent to me (at least the compositions, the mixing and playing are crap, not gonna lie about that). We’ll see how things go, and if I can even find copies of those albums work from.

Also if you’ve managed to make your way through that wall of text above, I’ll let you know now that this damn website has been a bit of a nightmare to deal with the last few weeks. Scheduled posts aren’t posting when they’re supposed to, security certifications are in limbo because of reasons beyond my comprehension, and why I need security certifications for a website that literally doesn’t process any personal data (because I don’t sell anything here) is beyond me. Hopefully I can get things tuned up in the next few weeks, but yeah. Website maintenance sucks.

If ya dig the video, then of course hit up the official YouTube Channel and give it a subscribe to keep up to date on all the new things!

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