Children Of Bodom – Triple Corpse Hammerblow | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re back at Okzygen again with another cover of some fantastic melodic death metal! That’s right, we’re ripping through some more Children Of Bodom with their song Triple Corpse Hammerblow, taken off their 2003 album Hate Crew Deathroll. I figured it was necessary to do a video for something off this album, as we just passed it’s 20th anniversary of release. This was also one of the albums that really got me into the band, and with tunes like Sixpounder, Needled 24/7, and the aforementioned title track, the record is just jammed with bangers, front to back.

Now finding accurate tabs for this song was a little difficult, and as such there’s a few spots that are questionable, to say the least. There’s a bit during the bridges/pre-chorus (I don’t even know if that’s what you’d call the parts, the song structure is very much not normal) where it seems mostly right, but also kind of off in a way, and for the second solo a good chunk of it is improvised around some basic ideas. Also I must say that first solo is quite a tasty sweeping lick. Took a bit to wrap around the alternating descending pattern, but oooh it’s just so fun.

You might also notice I’m screwing around with a third camera angle again, and with the motorized rail system to boot. Now I accidentally programmed to rail system a bit slow, so it’s hard to actually see any tracking movements in the shots, but the angles themselves do actually change if you pay attention. Next video I’ll be cranking up the speed and working the angle a bit better to actually give things some motion and dynamics.

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