Primus – Too Many Puppies | BASS COVER

Hey everyone! It’s once again the end of the week so we’ve put together another video to usher in the weekend, this time a little number by Primus called Too Many Puppies. And this one’s a bit of a milestone, as it marks the 40th video I’ve put out this year alone! Not too shabby if I say so myself, considering before I rebooted the channel I was lucky to push out say, 5 videos in the same amount of time. I’m hoping to push out another 4 or 5 before the end of the year, then take a bit of a break over the holidays to reformulate, catch up on covers, write a few more originals, and just plan better video ideas for the coming year. I’ve still got that One-Chip death chip challenge thing mocking me on the shelf here, so we might start the new year off with a bit of pain

Now in terms of today’s video, I honestly don’t have much to add. It’s a funky romp through familiar Primus territories, with plenty of slapping and strumming on the thing with 4 strings. Added a few fills for some proto-solo sections, and since my silly little Squire Jazz Bass doesn’t come equipped with a whammy bar (the audacity of the situation, I know), I had to improvise a bit during the breakdown and de-tune the crap out of the thing. Thank the universe for live tuner apps, right?

That third camera angle is working a bit more this time around too, adding some more natural movement and depth to things. I remembered to crank the speed up on the motorized rail so things are actually moving around in real time. Still gotta tweak the angles a bit, but it’s definitely gonna become a permanent part of the set up. Can’t wait until I get the live room up and running finally, there will be much more room to work with when it comes to setting all this stuff up. Also, drums will show up in these videos eventually, although I can’t guarantee I’ll be the one playing thing. Not too often anyways, I should say.

Anyways, as always if you dig the video then remember to head over to the official YouTube Channel to subscribe and keep updated on all the new things!

(By the way, I know this website’s still acting all sketchy with security certifications and whatnot, still working on getting that stuff fixed but there’s only so many hours in a day. Once the aforementioned break begins I’ll be putting a good chunk of time into redeveloping this whole website thingy)

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