Justin Strode – The Long Road Home | MUSIC VIDEO

Hey everyone! I know I say this pretty often, but I hope you’re ready for something different, because this time I actually mean it. Instead of the typical play-through video of a song, I decided to cut together a short music video from some test footage I shot while messing around with some new camera gear while out in the woods on vacation. Of course, the video also needed music to be called, you know, a music video, so I also took one of my older original tunes and rerecorded it from the ground up! So I present to you, The Long Road Home.

The song itself is quite a departure from what I’ve been doing on the regular, with a much heavier focus on ambience and atmosphere. The guitars are clean, there’s lots of reverb and delay, droning synths and warm evolving pads, and just a generally uplifting and hopeful vibe. A nice little pallet cleanser compared to the normal barrage of death metal covers I tend to pump out of the studio. I don’t know what it is, but escaping to the family cottage (or just the woods in general to be honest) for a bit is always enough to kick the creative juices into gear.

Now the song itself is pretty short, clocking in at just over two minutes, so I may have added a brief, Vlog-like thing at the end to kind of describe why the video exists and a brief foray into what plans I have for future videos. Speaking of which, I know that thing I speak of at the end of the video is gonna hurt, and is most likely a bad idea in general. But I’m gonna do it anyway, because at the very least it’s gonna be both entertaining and one hell of a challenge. And if ya wanna know what the hell I’m talking about, well now you have to watch the video until the end, don’t ya?

Anyways, hope you dig the video, and as always remember to head over to the YouTube channel and subscribe to keep updated on all the new things!

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