Gojira – Oroborus | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re back at Okzygen again for our weekly video thing, rocking a Gojira cover of Oroborus. I really don’t give these guys enough listening time, as they’re fantastically heavy and destructive with their riffs. If you’ve never heard of these guys before, then prepare to be sonically delighted by some of the heaviest music of 2008. I remember hearing Gojira for the first time back then (in particular the song we’re playing today), chilling over at a friend of a friends house in the middle of nowhere, deep diving our favourite bands and gaming out on what I think was a Gamecube? I dunno, there were games involved. And a fair amount of smoke. I think there was a cat or two as well.

Anyways, this song was definitely something different to play. Before the learning process began, I had no idea just how much tapping there was. It’s like, half of the damn song. And yet still sounds heavy as hell. From what little I’ve researched the guitars in this band also use a chorus effect pretty consistently, which just seems counter intuitive, but I gave it a go and, yeah that’s pretty close to their particular sound.

If you dig the video, then as always give it a like and head over to the YouTube channel to check out some of the other vids. I’ll see y’all next week with another metal cover, I’m thinking something Bodom!

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