Children Of Bodom – Not My Funeral | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re back at the studio for another cover video, this time we’re ripping through another Children of Bodom song called Not My Funeral. I did this cover once about 12 years ago, before I had much knowledge on how to make recordings, you know, not sound like crap. I figured it would be a decent idea to redo this track having a bit more experience under the belt. But even though I learned this song a long time ago, it’s still freaking hard! Alexi always had this super melodic approach to his leads and solos, harmonizing with the synths and informing the direction of key changes through the lead work. Always a fascinating experience listening to their stuff. Still hurts to know they’ve left this mortal plane behind.

This video actually took me two attempts to film because of how bloody challenging the song is. After doing a full take, mixing and editing everything together and sitting on it for a day, I took a second listen and realized that, well, the first take was crap. So the first edit was completely scrapped and this video was made in its stead. There’s still a couple of flubs here and there, but compared to the first attempt this take is miles ahead.

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