Justin Strode – We Take The Grave | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of my own tunes, so today we’re ripping through We Take The Grave, off the 2018 release Megalomaniac. This album was part of the Record Production Month challenge, when one records an albums worth of stuff in the 4 weeks of February. I took it a little bit further and wrote all the music as well during this time, because I like the pain of crushing deadlines and extreme expectations I guess.

This song sets the course for the album opening up with some nice and heavy riffs with upbeat pounding rhythms and crushing guitars and bass. The solo was mostly improvised this time around (as was the original recording), although the melodies from the original cut were being played off of, in a way. If ya wanna listen to the original track and the rest of the album in general, you can check it out on Spotify right here.

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