Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name | GUITAR COVER

Hey Everyone! We’re turning the clocks back a bit further than normal today and jamming out to Hallowed Be Thy Name, by Iron Maiden. This group definitely got me started on this guitar journey and this path down the dark side of metal. I remember finding this record among my parents collection and essentially annexing it as my own, spending hours on end flipping this record over and over again while hiding in my room. (Yes, record. Big flat black shiny disc of music with the grooves.)

I definitely took a bit of creative freedom with some of the solos in this video. I kept most of the more critical melodic bits like the tapping and some more repetitive pieces, but when it came to the minor pentatonic runs, that stuff got improvised real quick. Why not, right? Also, that part that follows right after the solos is an absolute pain to get the timing right, hence why I kinda screwed up the last repeat before going back into the melody. Either way, this was a fun track to learn and jam, and I’m kinda kicking myself for not doing so sooner.

Hope you dig this video, and as always head over to the YouTube Channel and give it a subscribe to keep up to date on new stuff!

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