Lamb Of God – Laid To Rest | GUITAR COVER

Hey everyone! We’re back in the studio at Okzygen with a new cover video, this time it’s Laid To Rest by Lamb Of God. For those of us who got thrown into the metal scene of the early 2000’s, this song was definitely one of the biggest hits of the time, and helped turn a whole new generation into the world of metal. And as you can probably tell by now (with this being my third cover of this band), Lamb of God definitely has a special place in my list of all time favourites.

This song was also surprisingly tough to run through in one go, as some of the riffs accent a 4 beat while the song is mostly written in 3’s (3/4, 12/8, 4/4 but triplets, kinda up to the listener to interpret that stuff.) For most LOG music written around 3’s I tend to take it as 4/4 time but with triplets through the whole thing. The problem with that way of thinking comes to light with some of these riffs, as suddenly we’re accenting a note halfway through a set of triplets. Not the most difficult thing to get around, but can definitely throw off the groove if you’re not ready for it. Some day I might make a video about the fluidity of time signatures in music and the many alternative ways to count a simple beat and divide it up to make polyrhythms and whatnot, but that’s a whole endeavour that would need like scripting, and visual aids, and most importantly, TIME.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings on time signatures and maths. Check the video out, and if you dig it remember to hit up the YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep up to date on the new stuff!

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