Justin Strode – Beyond The Skyline | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Hey everyone! Going back a bit again and sharing this video from a month ago, playing through Beyond The Skyline from my most recent album, Victims of Infinity. I know I said the next video was gonna be an Arch Enemy cover, but I just wanted to sneak this one in quickly. After this one I’ll be dropping down to Friday video uploads exclusively until things pick up a bit more.

Now this one was one of the earlier videos I did while rebooting the YouTube channel, and I ran into a bit of trouble with the second angle recording. Essentially it didn’t record, but I liked the take too much to just redo it, so this video is just a single shot on the fretboard. A little more stagnant visually speaking, but it’s one of my favourite songs and interpretations of it, so it stays as it is!

If you dig the video remember to check out the channel on YouTube and give it a subscribe. See you on Friday for the Arch Enemy cover!

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