Arch Enemy – Ravenous | GUITAR COVER

Hello you beautiful people! Today we’re ripping through the song Ravenous, by Arch Enemy. This group definitely pushed me into the heavier regions of metal back in the day, along with groups like Death and Children of Bodom. I’ve always preferred the arrangement with Angela Gossow on vocals, but to be honest I just haven’t bothered listening to much of the new stuff with Alissa White-Gluz. Might have to dive into their stuff again soon.

This song brings out my very first guitar, the Schecter Damien-6. This thing tends to just sit in the corner until I need something super low tuned, so it’s nice to break it out every now and then. As you can probably see, it’s been through some rough points, and ended up at the business end of a can of spray-paint more than once. I also swapped pickups with The Beast pretty much once I acquired that thing, so it has a bit of an identity crisis with BC Rich pickups installed. As for the performance itself, there’s a couple a flubs hidden in there, especially after the solo because to be quite honest, I was surprised about how well the solo ended up being, which ended up being a bit of a distraction.

Anyways, hope you guys dig the video, and remember to check out the YouTube channel and give it a subscribe. We’ll see you next week with something new!

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